Collection: Remote Trainers

Remote Training Collars

Neighbour Complaints? Council Visits? Dog driving you Barking Mad?
Our remote dog trainers can be used to train your dog from unwanted behaviour such as:

✅ Barking ✅ Jumping ✅ Digging ✅ Chasing Livestock

✅ Biting ✅ Domination ✅Showing Aggression ✅ Running Away

When a unwanted behaviour occurs, the remote trainer can be activated by the press of a button using 3 different methods of correction.
A warning tone can be sent to the training collar as a warning to stop the dogs unwanted behaviour.
If this doesn't work, then you can move forward to vibration, again, if this doesn't work.
Static stimulation is on hand if your dog persists. Start of on a low setting of static stimulation and gradually increase until your dog stops.
Eventually your dog will associate the tone, vibration and static stimulation with its unwanted behaviour and learn to stop.

Results are generally seen within 1-3 weeks of training.
Our collars have a very high success rate due to its multiple functions.